Insurance Claim

Being in an accident can be a very difficult situation, in order to minimize the stress, the following steps will help to speed up your repair process:

1. Submit your claim

The first step in filing your insurance claim is to contact your insurance company and submit your insurance claim. The contact number for your insurance company can be found on your insurance pink card. At this point you will be assigned an adjuster who will take all of the accident details, work to determine liability, and assign you a claim number. Also at this time you will be informed as to whether you have rental coverage which will provide you a replacement vehicle for the duration of your vehicle’s repairs. It is very important to remember that it is always your choice as to where you have your vehicle repaired.

2. Estimate your damages

After submitting your claim, contact Hak’s Auto Body to schedule an estimate. With a claim number, we are able to deal directly with all insurance companies and ensure that your vehicle is returned to pre-accident conditions. During this process, we will explain the repair procedure we will use to facilitate the repairs as well as outline what parts will be replaced and repaired. The estimate will also outline the lifetime guarantee that Hak’s provides to all vehicles that it repairs. Once the estimate is complete, we will directly submit the claim to your insurance company who will review it and provide us with an approval to repair your vehicle. At this point you may authorize us to proceed with the repairs.

3.Repair your vehicle

Once an approval has been granted by your insurance company Hak’s will order any necessary parts. When parts have arrived, you will be contacted to schedule repairs for your vehicle. At this time, if you do have rental coverage, we will help arrange a rental vehicle with one of our preferred local rental car agencies. When your repair date arrives we will “get to work” and repair your vehicle to original specifications, using proper repair methods and materials to ensure that your vehicle is repaired properly the first time!

4. Pick up your vehicle

Once your repairs are completed, you will be contacted by Hak’s. It is at this time that you will pay your deductible if one does apply or any other charges which may apply according to your claim. At this time we will submit our bill to your insurance company in order to receive payment for the repairs completed.

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